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We are Barry and Lianne Walker the Master Franchisee’s Dr Deck n Fence. Dr. Deck n Fences is an international company with corporate office located in Philadelphia since 2004 and have over 350 franchises throughout the world. Dr Deck n Fence was borne due to customers requiring a safe high standard for their exterior living in their homes.


Our Service

To service your deck we first sweep your deck to remove any loose material that may be on the deck. Then we visually inspect the deck followed by the deep cleaning of your deck by using our patented non-toxic green certified wet solutionto remove contaminants from your deck such as black algae, mould, dirt, oxidation (greying], dead wood fibres and other nasty’s that are lurking in your deck we mop this on rather than spray as we believe mopping gives a superior coverage over spraying. We then use our high speed wet machine with a soft mal-grit brush attached to go over the deck ensuring that our trademarked solution gets right into the deck to get any nasty’s that are lurking deep down followed by using  a low pressure power to remove the solution along with the dirt algae etc. We then wash down the service area including the surrounding perimeter leaving the area clean and tidy. Then for timber that requires neutralizing to restore pH balance with apply our own proprietary marked product.

Deck and Fence


All our products used in our service are either green certified or environmentally safe we do not use any products that contain bleach can damaged plants or are hazardous to your pets. We only use water based oil and stain as not only is it non- toxic we believe it gives a superior finish and lasts longer than oil based especially when combined with our trademarked sealer combination this also not only gives extra UV and water protection it has also been highly successful in helping to majorly reduce splintering in decks and in some cases completely removed the issue for the home owner.

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