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We are Barry and Lianne Walker the Master Franchisee’s for Mr Sandless. Mr Sandless  is an international company with corporate office located in Philadelphia since 2004 and have over 350 franchises throughout the world. Mr Sandless was designed for refinishing interior flooring with no toxins or dust and a healthy alternative to polyurethane. Walkers

We do the work ourselves we don’t have employee’s to service your deck it is us personally. Check out some of our work here.

Along with high work standards we take great pride in our work and achieving what the customers wants it also helps that we both enjoy what we do and seeing the results . We have won multiple international awards in Mr Sandless for our work and are one of the very few franchises in the world to have achieved this honour.

Enviro Friendly for Your Safety, Sealed & Stained at the Same Time

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At Mr Sandless™ we are as our names says WE DONT SAND. On a wooden floor we use a process similar to a light sand but without  creating the  carcinogenic dust or toxic odours. The reason we don’t sand is twofold the 1st being floor sanding and moisture cured poly urethane are a proven health hazard with moisture cured urethane now even being banned in certain Australian states from being used in child care centres public schools and government departments . 2nd  Is that the majority of floors do not need to be sanded every time they need servicing  .  Mr Sandless offers a quick safe and affordable refinishing option for your floors  We refinish your floor  in hours not days  so there is no moving out no putting your life on hold . We refinish all types of wooden floors Laminate floors . Engineered floors , Even floors that can no longer be sanded, To those clients  that prefer a green certified safe solution to their floors. We offer a 5 year warrantyand are always less expensive than traditional floor sanding .  We seal the floor with our own trademarked commercial grade sealer followed by our own top coats of finish that are a space age polymer. It’s a one of a kind hybrid finish with a macromolecular repetitive structure for strength & durability.  We offer a 5 year warranty compared to 1 or 2 years depending on the brand of water based urethane.

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